Us vs. Them


Private Label Express believes that business should foster a strong sense of healthy competition.

While we regularly work with competitors to help better provide for our customers, we believe that we are uniquely positioned to offer the customer the best experience. 

With Private Label Express, you are not only getting the best quality product at the best price, you are getting the best people!

Private Label Express Our Competition
Free label design Label design fee: $150 – $500 per label
Free label printing Additional Label cost: $0.08 to $0.20 per label
No initial set up, changes or art fees Set up fees: $25 – $100 per label/design change
Premium label quality Label quality varies
Order ready in 7 days Order ready in 6-8 weeks
Extended daily hours Standard operating hours
Open 7 days per week Open 5 days per week
Non-commissioned staff Sales staff on commission
Staff with strong industry background Many associates have limited industry background
Strong customer communication In many cases communication is poor
First to market on new hot sellers New product availability varies
Specialize in Amazon, eBay & online sellers Many are not set up for this
Multiple shipping options available Normally one carrier
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