Picture of Robert De Lima

Robert De Lima

Founder & Chief Visionary Officer

With a positive attitude, strong work ethic and incredible drive, Mr. De Lima has been involved with many successful business ventures. His entrepreneurship started at the age of 17 with his first company, which facilitated the transportation of construction materials. By the age of 24, he had purchased, grown, and sold more than 4 companies. Some of his more recent successes include a chain of retail stores, where he was the youngest business owner at Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida.

His journey into Pharma/Nutraceuticals started when he joined a pharmacy staffing firm based in Miami FL. It was in this position where he hit his stride, increasing revenue tenfold in ten months. That success led to him starting a successful pharmacy consulting group, where he assisted pharmacists from CVS, Walgreens, and other similar establishments, to open their own pharmacies and obtain Pharma/Nutra products.
Simultaneously to this new venture, Robert formed a Pharmaceutical Sales Group in partnership with an out-of-state firm to help streamline and facilitate drug supply into over 200 pharmacies nationwide. That organization supplied many of these pharmacies with OTC vitamins and supplements. From his experience, he found that most vitamin suppliers never met his expectations and this lead to the creating of Private Label Express. He has referred to Private Label Express as a culmination of everything that he has learned in business and life.

Mr. De Lima moved to beautiful South Florida from Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies. He studied Principles of Business and Oxford Economics at Fatima College in Trinidad. He is married, lives in South Florida, and is the land speed record holder in the standing mile with a Porsche GT3 at 173.651mph.

Words from Mr. De Lima: “I celebrate my successes and learn from my failures. I continue to surround myself with positive, smart, honest people and learn from others. I teach others what I have learned and fight every day to positively influence the lives of my wife and family, my friends, my employees, my customers and everyone with whom I come into contact.”