• Some customers have it all, others need it all. Thankfully, we are vitamin and supplement label design experts, here to help power your brand.
  • Your product could be pulled off the shelves, with halted sales, if you don’t include proper labels and other mandatory industry guidelines on your supplement bottles.
  • We understand the psychology behind consumer behavior which allows us to know what stands out and what doesn’t. Due to that, we are experienced with creating designs that leave a lasting impression by taking care of the visual, tactile, and nutritional facts information.


  • Once your supplement type is created, it’s time to package it.
  • We offer a wide variety of packaging color options for orders meeting a certain criteria. Select the bottle and cap color combinations that best represent YOUR brand.
  • Depending on your brand, we are able to make your desired package design match your brand’s unique look and colors.
  • Our expertise and knowledge gives you a competitive advantage when it comes to package design and creation; something that’s compatible with your brand and bodes well with your consumers.
  • The automated packaging machines that we use make it a quick, clean, and efficient process.
  • Whether you’re looking for price-conscious containers or willing to spend a little extra for the sake of durability and exclusivity, here at Private Label Express, we take care of sourcing (or producing) the perfect packaging for your products.
  • Private Label Express is your one-stop solution to creating and selling the supplements that will power your brand to the top.


  • We can help you create a custom formula, encapsulate your formula in a capsule, bottle your product, and insert bottle label. Colors can be matched with your brand’s logo, and capsules can even be inscribed with text (for orders that qualify).
  • Want to differentiate your capsule supplement product? Consider all-new liquid capsule manufacturing.
  • For more information on capsule manufacturing give us a call and we will happily confirm answer any questions you have.