Your Private Label Products Journey


Producing the best and highest quality nutraceuticals is simple, if you’re an expert. When you’re working with a company that not only knows what they’re doing but cares about their customers, the results simply speak for themselves. Manufacturing large quantities of top-rated supplements is no easy feat – it takes years of practice, knowledge, and the latest machinery to provide our customers with products that allow them to power their brand.

The journey each and every one of our products goes through is similar throughout the board. We are involved in every step of the way – from start to finish. At Private Label Express, we deliver an experience and a product. Throughout the duration of your product’s manufacturing process, we offer the best advice, any questions answered, and a transparent view to what exactly happens when your supplement is made at one of our top-line manufacturing facilities.

Read on to see the steps we take:

There are multiple steps involved in producing a nutraceutical supplement product

First, we need to have a pre-existing gathering of raw materials in our warehouse. That way, we have a majority of our ingredients for most formulas ready-to-go for when a client orders the product formula. To think: a single formula can have up to 50+ different ingredients; we like to be stocked and ready with a good amount of them.

From there, we check the ingredients before anything – that way, we know whether they’re stored in the warehouse, or not. For the ingredients we do not have, we order them from our pre-qualified ingredient vendors (an important step when formulating supplements; we want to make sure our ingredients are of the highest quality). Once the materials are received, we place it in a quarantined section of our facility. After this, the new ingredients are sent to our in-house quality control department where things are inspected fully and thoroughly.

Once All Ingredients Go Through The Quality Control Process Of Being Checked And Confirmed

The ingredients that are to be used in a formula go to the pharmacy compound. This is where ingredients are weighed for blending with overages accounted for. This process is essential to ensure label claims are met.

Depending on the batch size, capsule size, powder density and hygroscopic compounds of the blended powder, we would go to either one of our semi-automatic encapsulation machines, or high capacity fully automated encapsulation machine. Our encapsulation machines have a 2 step polisher sequence to clean sticky products. Then, the product is checked throughout the entire encapsulation process for consistency, weight, and any imperfections it may have. All capsules, whether the batch size is 100,000 or 10,000,00, go through a rigorous manual inspection process where they’re inspected once more.

Once Completed, The Products Are Brought To One Of Our Bottling & Packaging Assembly Lines

At the production assembly line, it all begins with a bottle rotator, which funnels into two conveyors – one of which is a 16-station swift pack filled, and the other, a four-station swift pack filled. Both of these are used to fill bottles with capsules simultaneously to double the output.

Next, the bottles pass our automated desiccant pack inserter. Then, they are filled with cotton, which is an automated process. Afterward, the lid scrambler places the lids on each bottle, and from there, the lid torque seals it on tight. Once that’s done, the bottle is fully sealed before it goes on to pass through the label applicator.

Once the bottles are labeled, they find their way to another rotator where personnel check the lids and label application. This is done before the induction under the lid is heated to adhere to the brim of the bottle.

As Bottles Undergo Our Heat Induction Sealer Process

The same conveyor will pass the bottle to our automated neck bander, where our clients have the option of clear or “sealed for your protection” neckbands.

All that is left for these product bottles is to pass our inkjet machine where either a “manufactured on date” or “expiration date” is printed, depending on what’s requested. Every bottle also has a specific lot number.

Bottles are then cased into boxes and sent to our shipping department on palettes. We then use our partner carriers (UPS, FedEx, etc.) to bring this product to right your door.

With Private Label Express, we offer the best of the best in terms of product, experience, and knowledge. With us, you know exactly where the materials are being sourced, how a supplement is being made, how it’s done, and what happens throughout, after, and in between the whole process. After all, we are here to help you power your brand.

Steps In The Private Label Process

Infographic detailing Private Label Process in Steps

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