“Our mission is not merely to be the best at what we do but to get better every day.”

~ Robert De Lima, Founder & CEO of Private Label Express

Private Label Express was founded in 2010 around the idea of creating a unique dietary supplement manufacturing company that operates like a true partner to all of their clientele – not just a select few…

With a background in the pharmaceutical industry, CEO & Founder Robert De Lima sought to correct the prevalent issues that dietary supplement brands would face when dealing with the vast majority of nutraceutical suppliers: poor communication, unreliable & inconsistent turnaround times, limited selection, and lack of transparency.

Private Label Express was born from the perspective of a former dietary supplement brand owner and purposefully built to create the ultimate partnership experience for brand owners of all sizes.

The health and wellness industry is booming and if your goal is to be the absolute best, you need to power your brand with a manufacturing partner who will be responsive, attentive, proactive, and solution-oriented.

Your unique brand needs to offer a wide selection of high demand, market-tested, and market-proven products made from quality ingredients. Private Label Express gives you fast and easy access to those key products while exceeding industry standards. We do this so that your brand can sell with confidence and reliability in even the most turbulent times.

Whether you are looking for capsules, tablets, softgels, or gummy supplements – Private Label Express will have you covered.

Power YOUR brand with our competitive advantage today!