Create Your Own Custom Private Label Supplements, Cremes, and Powders with the Experts

Custom FormulationsWhen it comes to custom formulas, working with a manufacturer that’s knowledgeable and experienced really makes a difference. From the level of expertise to their world-class customer service, partnering with a company that cares is a surefire way to have your brand excel.

Here at Private Label Express, we are not only determined to bring you the highest quality supplements, but we offer you advice that’s backed by resilient market research and detail-oriented analysis of your demographic’s trends and demands.

Below, are the different types of custom formulas that we offer to qualifying orders. Any savvy merchant who’s looking to bring something new to this industry’s ever-growing market should look into the possibility of concocting custom formulas – that way, your brand truly stands out as its own unique thing.

Private Label Express Process

Private Label Express Process

Original Powder


  • Your dedicated service representative can help give you expert recommendations on flavor enhancements to give your product a better overall taste.
  • With seemingly endless flavor combinations available, your product has the best opportunity to stand apart from the rest.
  • For qualifying orders, we’re able to make any type of powder supplement from pre-workout to BCAA’s.
  • One of the most popular supplements is our Private Label Turmeric

Creme manufacturingCREME MANUFACTURING

  • As creme manufacturing experts, we are educated in the details needed to ensure our ability to deliver the end product you requested – with the highest quality in mind.
  • In today’s age, people are highly concerned with all-natural products; which is why we manufacture high in demand natural skincare products that avoid the use of harmful ingredients often found in synthetic products. Your customers will love these chemical-free cremes, and so will their skin!
  • Are you interested in AM or PM cremes? How about something that allows flawless makeup application? Formulate a product that suits your brand and demographic’s needs.
  • We offer many varying consistencies, which are available upon request. Please be sure to contact us for details and availability of creams & cosmetic options!

Custom Dietary Capsules


  • For orders that qualify, we give you the ability to create your own custom formulas, coupled with our expert knowledge and assistance.
  • Looking to stand apart with your supplement product? Consider the use of our all-new liquid capsule manufacturing!
  • We are here to educate you! Our team is more than happy to answer any questions you may have.
  • Are you already selling a custom formulation and you need to find a new manufacturer to produce it for you? Call us today to get your quote started!

The quest to create the perfect product begins and ends here, with Private Label Express. We guarantee only the highest quality materials and top-of-the-line customer support used to power your brand.