• Market Growth
    The global African mango supplements market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 3.3%, reaching a value of $140.9 million by 2026.
  • Health Appeal
    African mango supplements are popular for their benefits in weight management and heart health, making them a sought-after choice in the dietary supplements segment.
  • Consumer Interest
    Increasing consumer demand is driven by rising obesity rates and health awareness, particularly in North America and Europe, where the demand for weight management products is high.
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Thinking About Selling Private Label African Mango Supplements?

When it’s time to introduce a new supplement product to your brand lineup, experienced sellers understand the importance of doing proper market research before making a financial investment. Many dread choosing the “wrong product” to move forward with, making this part of the qualification process key to your continued success.

A Couple Of Factors To Consider...

When considering your next product, the first key point to remember is that different supplements represent different potential opportunities.

For example, some nutritional supplements might have limited competition. Establishing your brand presence and gaining sales momentum may be easier in the beginning, but the potential sales upside may be limited as a result.

On the other hand, another supplement option may be massively popular worldwide, and the progress may be gradual, but the sales upside would be higher. Depending on your product launch strategy and chosen marketplace, these supplement options may be well worth the extra time and effort.

A third product opportunity may be what is considered an “industry staple” – they have displayed tried and true market resiliency over the years, making them a less volatile and more stable type of product to choose. Though it may not serve as the centerpiece of your product lineup, it could potentially be the perfect complementary option.

Another key factor to consider is which direction the product’s popularity seems to be trending in – does your research indicate an upward or downward trend?

Doing proper research is a vital step, but it is often overlooked by first-time private label business owners. Your brand could have a great message, ethically sourced raw materials, and effective supplements, but without the demand, it doesn’t stand much of a chance at gaining traction. No matter how good the marketing may be, if consumers don’t see a need for it, they won’t buy it. And convincing a consumer that they need a product is a lot harder than simply already giving them what they already want.

Next, let’s examine the benefits and the business behind selling Private Label African mango supplements so that you’re able to make an educated decision on whether they will work well with your brand’s product lineup.

A Closer Look At African Mango Market Indicators…

As we have mentioned, each supplement will have its market advantages and challenges. Let’s take the time to examine a few market indicators in further detail to determine what kind of opportunity African mango supplements represent for you and your brand.

African Mango Search Engine Insights

After initially enjoying great heights of national popularity being touted by influencers like Dr. Oz as a potential “weight loss miracle fruit”, the search term “African mango” has since returned to a more modest level of attention.

It has remained relatively stable at that level in the last five-year period ending in December 2020. Except for two spikes that occurred in April and May of 2018. During these five years, our research also found evidence pointing to returning interest in the product in the form of dietary supplements. This growth is represented by a 200% increase during this time for the related search term for dietary supplement pills.

More recently, in the last 12-month period ending in October 2020, the search engine volume for “African mango” experienced an 88% increase in popularity. Not surprisingly, this was synonymous with a rise in searches for the closely related term “weight loss,” which surged by 550%. This is a positive indicator, hinting at a possible reason as to why consumers buy this product, which we will touch on later.

Finally, our search engine optimization research indicates a low to moderate level of difficulty for reaching the first search results page for “African mango” and other related keywords. When you couple this with comparatively inexpensive keyword bidding prices (as of February 2021) this product may provide a reasonable opportunity for new brands.

It’s important to note that regardless of where this product stands as far as national attention goes – it can prove to be a valuable addition to your lineup if it serves the specific needs of your target MVP customer.

Sales Performance

Now, let’s evaluate the sales performance of private label African mango supplements in the United States. E-commerce platform research reveals that the top 10 sellers of this supplement move hundreds of units a month, a far cry from its previous Dr. Oz-era hype while generating an average monthly revenue of thousands of dollars. Vendors have reached these numbers despite most of them having lower volumes of customer reviews. This fact is further evidence of a possible opportunity for marketing-savvy brands looking to offer African mango supplements – this could represent an easier angle of entry than with most other supplements.

Furthermore, market research, the demand for African mango extract is following an upward trend and is expected to show a growth rate of 3.7%, from $104.9 Million to $140.9 Million by 2026. With rising obesity rates and diabetes as a public medical crisis in the United States, merchants and suppliers have adjusted by offering this and other similar weight loss supplements.

Why Do Consumers Buy African Mango?

African mango is a fruit produced by an evergreen tropical tree studied for its possible link to helping lower blood pressure and tested in reference to helping maintain sugar levels for diabetic patients.

Research indicates that when taken as a nutritional supplement, African mango has potential benefits that may help cleanse the body from toxins while supplying healthy nutrients. Unlike popular detoxifying supplements that can cause cramps after bile release, African mango eliminates body waste without that potential side effect.

Although there is no solid scientific medical evidence of positive health benefits of the IG extracts found in African mango, a few studies have shown that the supplement coupled with a healthy diet can lower blood cholesterol levels and lead to weight loss.

Moreover, these supplements may also help maintain leptin levels in your body. Leptin is a hormone secreted by fat tissues, which communicates to the brain when you have enough stored fats. Low levels of Leptin may transmit ‘starvation’ to the brain, which leads to an increase in appetite. Conversely, a moderate leptin level may help decrease cravings.

Nutraceutical vs. Pharmaceutical

When looking to determine effectiveness, keep in mind that dietary supplements are not intended to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. Though nutraceuticals are routinely used to support certain health benefits, they are different from pharmaceuticals. Nutraceuticals are natural and work with the body’s chemistry to produce certain desired effects over time. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, are synthetically created to hack your body’s chemistry for a more immediate and dramatic effect. Understanding the difference between the two is key.

Key Factors Affecting African Mango Potency

African mango extract is used in various forms, such as capsules and powders. Since African mango extract has been studied concerning its possible effect on weight-loss, it is often combined with green tea, apple cider vinegar, and other supplements with a potential weight loss function to help enhance its potential impact. Some studies show that taking these supplements together 30 minutes before a meal can help curb appetite and help reduce fat cell growth.

Are Private Label African Mango Supplements Right For Your Brand?

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