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Looking for a Private Label Supplement Manufacturer?

Savvy and innovative merchants looking to bring an exclusive and unique supplement combination to this ever-growing market should consider the use of private label supplements—which are manufactured by one company to be sold under another company’s brand. As a private label supplement manufacturer, essentially what we do is help determined business owners create custom formulations that complement their brand’s lineup.

With the influx of health and wellness-conscious consumers, the market has shown the highest overall demand for daily supplements such as Turmeric, Vitamin D, Multi-Vitamins, and so on. By selling private label supplements, industrious online retailers have the chance to reap some of the lucrative benefits that come with the supplement industry.

Selecting the right private label supplement manufacturer is critical for online retailers that want to create their own, distinctive formulation, instead of selling stock products–otherwise known as, white labeling. The main difference between white and private labeled products is that private label brands are made exclusively for a particular brand; whereas white-labeled supplements are pre-made, pre-packaged stock products.

How Does a Private Label Supplement Manufacturer Operate?

The way private label supplement manufacturer operates is pretty simple: we comprehensively work with our customers in order to create a dietary supplement that works for their brand—whether it’s a stock or custom formulation, we are there to act as their business partners, offering our advice and experience that allows us to collectively decide on the “perfect” product. For instance, retailers with a better grasp of what their demographic is demanding, they can choose to go with an industry staple—with a twist. A good example of this would be a merchant who’s interested in selling a turmeric-based product, only they want their product to stand out, have something different from the rest; so they opt for a custom formulation that allows them to control what types of ingredients go into their supplement. Whether it’s a higher concentration of curcumin, or adding ginger, the choice is theirs to make. We simply manufacture it with the highest quality in mind.

Though the idea of selling a market-validated stock or custom formulated product is enticing, it’s considered a best practice to observe and identify your demographic’s wants and needs. Say your customer base is primarily made up of people in their 60’s, introducing a line of pre-natal care wouldn’t be the smartest option. We always recommend introducing a product that compliments your already-existing lineup. By having a solid launch strategy and brand positioning, your private label supplements are ready to be sold.

Private Label Supplement ManufacturerHow To Choose A Private Label Supplement Manufacturer?

Your private label supplement manufacturer partner should have strong communication, experience, ethical standards, and be driven by quality. Not only that, but consistency is an underrated skill set that really sets you apart from your competition, and having a supplier that’s consistently transparent with their delivery makes all the difference.

Picking the right company should be as careful and planned as deciding on your brand logo, positioning, and strategy—it goes hand in hand with the success of your company. Why is this so important? Because the private label supplement manufacturer of your choice is directly linked to the quality and dependability of your products; which is why entering the right partnership is of vital importance.

Choose to work with the company that truly sees you as a business partner. Private Label Express believes in not only helping the best eCommerce merchants in the industry to continue to expand their product selection, but we also believe in helping support the up-and-coming brands with our knowledge, experience, and quality of service.

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