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Private Label Saffron Extract

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Thinking About Selling Saffron Extract Supplements?

When it’s time to introduce a new supplement product to your brand lineup, experienced sellers understand the importance of doing proper market research before making a financial investment. Many dread choosing the “wrong product” to move forward with, making this part of the qualification process key to your continued success.

A Couple Of Factors To Consider

When considering your next product, the first key point to remember when making your selection is that different supplements represent different potential opportunities. For example, some nutritional supplements might have limited competition, so establishing your brand presence and gaining sales momentum may be easier in the beginning, but the potential sales upside may be limited as a result. Another supplement option may be massively popular worldwide, and by making early progress depending on your product launch strategy and chosen marketplace, the progress may be gradual, but the sales upside would be higher and well worth the extra time and effort. A third product opportunity may be what is considered an “industry staple” – they have displayed tried and true market resiliency over the years, making them a less volatile and more stable type of product to choose from. Though it may not serve as the centerpiece of your product lineup, it could potentially be the perfect complementary option.

Another key factor to consider is which direction the product’s popularity seems to be trending in – does your research indicate an upward or downward trend?

Doing proper research is a vital step, but it is often an overlooked part of having a private label business by many first-timers. Your brand could have a great message, ethically-sourced raw materials, and effective supplements, but without the demand, it doesn’t stand much of a chance at gaining traction. No matter how good the marketing may be, if consumers don’t see a need for it, they won’t buy it. And convincing someone they need something is a lot harder than simply already giving them what they want.

We will examine the benefits and the business behind selling saffron extract supplements so that you’re able to make an educated decision on whether or not it is the type of supplement that will work well with your brand’s product lineup.

A Closer Look At Saffron Extract Market Indicators…

As mentioned, before entering the dietary supplement industry or adding a new product to your existing brand, it is imperative to analyze various market indicators to ensure an educated choice. By analyzing search engine popularity trends and sales data over time, it becomes easier to parse out the potential opportunities and challenges a business may face. So, let’s dive in and discover if saffron supplements are a positive prospect for your brand.

Search Engine Popularity

The first market indicator to explore is search engine popularity. Our analysis indicates that in the last 5-year period ending in January 2021, saffron’s keyword popularity saw a steady rise. Ultimately, the search activity increased by 49% on engines like Google over this time.

This steady increase continued in the last 12-month period ending in January 2021, with the keyword surging further by 57%, averaging hundreds of thousands of inquiries monthly under the topic of “health” in the U.S. alone.

During this latest time frame, closely interlaced terms such as “saffron supplement benefits” and “saffron for macular degeneration” also increased by 140% and 300%, sequentially. This data point indicates that a growing number of people are looking to consume the ingredient in supplement form. As far as our muscular degeneration finding, we will elaborate later in this article.