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  • Advanced Diet Detox Cleanse
    When gauging the sales performance of diet and detox support supplements, top brands on e-commerce sites average tens of thousands of units sold every month. The market size for weight loss and weight management supplements is expected to reach $295.3 billion by 2027. The detox market will be valued at $70 billion by 2025. This product offers an effective multi-function solution regarding weight control and herbal detoxification helping to provide marketing flexibility.
  • African Mango Detox
    African mango has also been linked to the reduction of leptins which can help suppress appetite - a highly desired function to help improve the odds of success for any weight loss diet. Studies have also linked African mango to a possible positive effect on cholesterol levels, blood sugar levels, and improved overall health, making it a market-proven option for the highly sought-after function of detoxification.